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         Eric  Brady Books is all about - books.  Naturally.  Print and E-books

         It's all about writing, publishing, promoting and selling - books.

         All kinds.     Autobiography,



                             Family saga (three-volume),

                             Science fiction  (Young Adult and Adult),

                             Social work.

          Some were written over a period of years - some more recently.


          He  draws  a  lot on  his own experiences for the background of almost all his books.  From wartime  evacuation  and bombing in World War 2 to crime and Courts and  present-day travel around the UK and  to Lanzerote,  Spain and Austria - all of which have figured in his books so far.

        "The  exception  is  travelling to other Star Systems in my Science Fiction stories,"  he says.  "That's  not  because  I  don't  want to go, but because Earth's scientists haven't yet developed the  Faster-than-Light Drive  that's  essential  for  feasible Interstellar travel.   In view of my age they'll need get a move on for me to be able to put that right.  Unless we get a visit from Space-travellers who'll give me a lift."


          Now using the facilities available through Internet  publishing and E-books, his wide range of stories and two volumes of his autobiography are modern writing at its best.