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          'Adolf Hitler, his bombers - and me'.     ISBN 978-1-4710-9874-1.     Print 

                                                                        ISBN 978-1-291-13478-0.     E-book

          'My life of crime and Courts'.     ISBN 978-1-4477-4424-5.     Print 

                                                            Un-numbered E-book listed


          'Dee's Diary'.     ISBN 978-1-4477-2026-3.     Print 

                                    Un-numbered E-book listed

         'Off to sunny Spain'.     ISBN 978-1-4710-5986-5.     Print 


          'That wonderful coach trip'.     ISBN 978-1-4717-1793-2.     Print 

          'Alf KIng - Gang Boss'.     ISBN 978-1-4477-5225-7.     Print 

                                                   Un-numbered E-book listed

          'Alf King on the Costa del Sol'.     ISBN 978-1-4477-4987-5.     Print 

                                                               Un-numbered E-book listed

          'Alf King and the PCG'.     ISBN 978-1-2910-4600-7.     Print 

          'Alf King behind bars'.     ISBN 978-1-291-08316-3.     Print 

                                              ISBN 978-1-291-11605-2    E-book                                                                                               

     Science Fiction.

          'First Encounter'.     ISBN 978-1-4716-0228-3.     Print 

          'Warriors of Kharlor'.     ISBN 978-1-4467-6366-7.     Print

                                                Un-numbered E-book listed

          'Operation Sintar'.     ISBN 978-1-4476-2960-3.     Print 

                                            Un-numbered E-book listed

          'Earth Rescue''     ISBN 978-1-4709-3016-5  Print

                                       ISBN 978-1-4709-0333-6.  E-book




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