Topics he is available to speak on centre around: -

          His  wartime  experiences:

               Evacuation on outbreak of WW2 in Sept. 1939 when 5 years old with his sister Kitty (about 9 years old)  to  Folkestone, Kent,  moved on to South Wales in April/May 1940), selection by foster-parents  there.   In  neither  place, were  they  fostered together as they and their parents had expected.

                     Kitty's experiences,relationships with her foster-parents, and return home to London in March 1942, Eric taken home in September 1942.


               Bombed  when Sandhurst Road school was attacked midday, 20th Jan. 1943.  Kitty was killed, he was severely injured, hospital, return home 18 months later during the Flying Bomb raids on London.


                Probation:  Based on his 30+ years of his Service between 1963 and 1994 in Rural and urban areas, Magistrates and Higher Courts (at the time Quarter Sessions and Assizes were merged in the Crown Court) and Prisons and YOI.  There are four categories -

                       1.  Probation in the Community.

                       2.  Probation in Courts.

                       3.  Probation in Prisons.

                       4.  Probation after Custody.


                       The localities, Courts and Institutions are not named nor are any individuals, so no identications are possible.