'Dee's Diary'.     Published on   

          ISBN 978-1-4477-2026-3

Book cover     Written as a Diary by a 12 year old girl, Dee(short for 'Diana') has ambitions to be an author.

     Drawing upon the knowledge of his 12 year old grand-daughter of contemporary school-life rather than his own (long-ago) school days Eric mainly based the story of Dee's adventures in Lanzarote on his own experiences of exploring the island.

     There Dee meets Trevor, the pretty Sandy with wealthy parents, who becomes a rival for Trevor, and the mysterious and seemingly rich, older Ranolf.  

     Exactly why is he so interested in the 13 year old Sandy?

     Is he the 'Contact man' for a gang of kidnappers, which is Trevor's idea? Or is he one of those dangerous 'Internet Daters', Dee and others had been warned about in a school Assembly?

     But Sandy's own parents were ignoring both dangers.

     Dee and Trevor decide to find out about him.  And then that ride in 'The Haunted Mine' in Wild West Theme Park gave them all that final piece of evidence.





'Off to sunny Spain'  Published on

          ISBN:  Print: 978-1-4710-5986-5

                      E-book: 978-1-291-19883-6

Book cover     Dee and her parents are invited by Trevor's to join them in a photo-shoot advertising a new luxury holiday Resort in the Costa del Sol, Spain.

     But why is Abdul the waiter so terrified of being in it?   Who is the mysterious Fat Man, that so frightens Maria (the Resort Manager) in Ronda, that fascinating mountain village?

     Then, to rescue those people and children from that boat sinking  in the middle of the Med. seemed the only thing they could pssibly do with a storm coming.  

     But why are Maria and the Skipper so worried about doing it?

     More mysteries for Dee and Trevor to solve.

     The answers lead to Dee and Trevor capturing a big-time criminal – and getting on television.


'The Haunted Castle'  Published on

                                   ISBN:  Print: 978-1-291-58166-9

                                               E-book: 978-1-291-59104-0

 When Dee's School Camp this year is to be at a new place in the Highlands of Scotland she is challenged to investigate the ghost that is said to haunt a nearby castle.  She finds that Trevor's school is to be at Camp at the same time - but also that Sandy Griffiths is now going to Trevor's school.  Certain that he and Sandy have now got together, so she and Trevor are 'finished', Dee is devastated.  But her fears are not realised.,  At the Camp they find there is not only the ghost at the haunted castle to investigate but a whole series of mysteries.  Why is Hamish McWilliams and The Ogre so cagy about the ghost?  And then the ghost, or another one, appears on the mountain behind the Camp.  Then there is that mysterious cave near the castle.  Why the super-strong doors to the castle and in the cave?  Why is Hamish so desperate to get hold of Trevor's camera?  Is there any connection with the armed bank robberies near and in Inverness?  What can they do when the Police Top Boss doesn't believe them?  Nor even his own WPC Brookes whom they HAVE  convinced.   So Dee and Trevor - and two teachers - decide to act for themselves.  And run into really serious trouble.

And there was another mystery.  Did they all REALLY see Nessie in Loch Ness?