'Adolf Hitler, his bombers – and me'       

Book Cover     First published as 'Class War' by Pipers' Ash in 2008.  This is no longer available.  Now retitled and extended, this new book gives more detail on the background to the German bombing  strategy  and  the Civil  Defence (originally 'the ARP') provision in the UK, so placing his personal story in its historical context.

     The  practicalities  and  the  emotional  repercussions  of  evacuation  are  described  from  the viewpoints of Kitty his  older sister but especially Eric (as this is his autobiography) and his  parents as  far  as  those are understood.   

      They had all expected the children would be fostered  together but  they  never  were.    First  going  to Folkestone,  Kent, they were moved on to South Wales six months  later,  and  as  his memories become clearer he describes in  detail his life as a reluctantly fostered  London 'Vaccie'.  After three years away, on their return relationship problems developed with their parents and 3 year old brother.

       The  background  and  bombing  of Sandhurst Road school, SE London on 20th Jan.1943 and theories  why  schools were attacked at all (locally at the time were said to be six)  are described in  some detail.  The  emotional  repercussions  within  the family  in  the immediate aftermath are explained,  the  relationships and experiences he had in hospital and the problems on Eric's return home.

          Written with sensitivity, humour and understanding of the others involved in those events - from evacuation  and the fostering, to the traumatic events of the bombing of the school, it gives a very personal insight into those times.

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'My life of crime and courts'  

      A view  of crime and the whole criminal process from an unusual and personal angle – that  of a Probation Officer. 

   Covering the period of 1960 to 1994 it was a period of many changes  in  both  the  philosophy and the practices of the Probation Service, which have continued to this day.

     Using  incidents  and  situations  that  are heavily disguised to make any identification of people  and  locations impossible, Eric finds there can be humour as well as drama in some of the situations any Probation Officer can find themselves in on any day.

     Starting  from  Selection  and  experiences  during  Training, he then goes through his time as a Probation Officer in urban and rural areas, at times engaged on tasks that the presentday Service no  longer seem to do,  then was promoted to Senior Probation Officer as the Liaison Officer at the Higher Courts  at  the time Quarter Sessions and Assizes were amalgamated into  the Crown Court which, he found, involved a much wider range of tasks than the title suggests.

          He also 'did time' in a prison as well as spending several more years as Senior for a largely rural area till he was sent to a YOI - as the Senior Probation Officer there.

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