Synchronised Terror

                            ISBN: Print - 978--1-326-24461-3

 When 'The Planner' uses criminal gangs, terrorists and Agents to launch attacks on US Assets across Europe and the US  there seems to be no link.

'Sleeper' Agents supplied with 'suitcase' nuclear weapons have targets that will wreck the world economy and eliminatwe both the UK and US Governments.

A fragment of a CD could hold vital clues - if it can be deciphered.

Double-dealing politicians add more complications to the lethal mix.

In the midst of it all, computer wizard Jack Stirling has to steer a sane course to avert a nuclear catastrophe.

Alf King - Gang Boss

                                           ISBN - Print - 978-1-4477-5225-7

Alf King, long term Loser decides that forming a Gang will lead to Success.  He picks Fred Barlow, Landlord of the Red Lion, and Sid Biggar, a septuagenarian.  His path to success is not easy - especially when PC Harry Cuthbertson launches his vendetta. 

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Alf King in the Costa del Sol

                                  ISBN: Print 978-1-4477-4987-5

  Alf and the Gang go to Spain on holiday.  Just a holiday.  But enticed by the promise of simple, rich pickings they join 'Tubby' Grimshaw's planned tickle.  Their ideas make the Tickle possibleaastounds Jim Cooke who had, unwittingly been the inspiration for Alf forming the Gang, and earns Sid the soubriquet of 'The Einstein of Alf's Gang'

 But, not really intending to, they completely wreck the Tickle and become firm friends of the intended Victim - the Duke of Calletora and his beautiful young wife, Esmarelda..    


Alf King and the PCG

                                  ISBN:  Print 978-1-291-04600-7

                                             E-book 978-1-291-37158-1


 Alf and the Gang decide to set up a Car Ringing business - but only on specific targets because of Fred's devotion to his own car 'so I know how I'd feel if mine was nicked'.  So they only steal from Police, Politicians, Lawyers - and the Taxman.  Alf gets a longing to nick the Home Secrary's Official Limousine.  Theitr 'Car Nicker'; (Young Kev) seizes an opportunity and succeeds to the fury of Harry Cuthbertson - now a Detective Constable of the Premier Crime Group (PCG) who is enamoured of the beautiful Felicity Harbison.  At the instigation of the Duke - and the unwitting help of DC Cuthbertson - they use it to trap 'Tubby' Grimshaw on a quick visit to the UK.  So Felicity gets her Limo back - and DC Cuthbertson gets promotion to Detective Sergeant through it.

Alf King behind bars

                             ISBN:  Print 978-1-291-08316-3

                                         E-book  978-1-291-11605-2

Alf King and the Gang are arrested for 'Handling Stolen Goods' having been 'Set up' by DS Cuthbertson of the PSG.  To ensure they are at least Remanded behind Bars,,DS Cuthbetson states in the Witness Box that they are 'Suspected' of having Links with the Mafias (Russian and American), the Chinmese Triads and the Caribbean Yardies.  When challenged by Alf's Solicitor, Ambrose Simpson, for evidence of that, Cuthbertson said that was 'not yet ready' to set before the Court.  Though Dismissed by the Magistrates it is immediately believed by the Criminal Fraternity - and the Prison Officers - so their Reps.  soar.  Which naturally, Alf trades on.  Machinations by Cuthbertson, the Commissioner and even Ambrose Simpson and Martha's grab at becoming the Gang Boss, produce still more complications.                

Alf King - Politician
                                     ISBN:  Print 978-1-291-35712-7 

                                                          E-book: 978-1-291-36777-5

When Alf stands for Election to the local Council few knew his breath-taking End-game.  Once again Eleanor is vital to the scheme, to Martha's jealous suspicion.  Once overwhelmingly elected, expectations both by Martha and the Criminal Mr. Bigs that are around, pile problems on Alf's head.  Appalled by Alf's election, people from the Home Secretary to Cuthbertson plot to strip Alf of his victory.                               
Alf King - Juryman
                                        ISBN:  Print  978-1-291-47890-7

                                                              E-book: 978-1-291-48245-4

  Alf and Fred are appalled when they get Summonses for Jury Service convinced it is a plot by DS Cuthbertson to  ruin their Reps.  When others fail, Eleanor sees a way.  They let it be known they are abroad for the 2 weeks Jury time, while telling Martha and Myrtle they are staying in a quiet hotel.  In reality they.become night Security Guards with her when 'house sitting' at his mansion for Mr. Carmichael, her Boss.  Complications arise not only in Court, but in two car chases when seen by the cops, Student Protesters invading the mansion's grounds, Masked Raiders coming to strip the mansion of its valuables, van-loads of cops - and then Cuthbertson and Wilde.  It takes all Alf's ingenuity to get the 'Deserving' off.
That wonderful coach trip
                                   ISBN:  Print  978-1-4717-1793-2

                                                        E-book: 978-1-291-49216-3

A story of a potent mix of passengers on a two-week Coach trip to Austria.  There are three 'daggers-drawn' rivals for a Photographic Prize, two Show-biz struck 'teenagers meeting Theatrical Agents, an aggressive male, conflicting spouses but also memories of wartime both dramatic and humorous, a decades-long mystery that is finally solved  - and Romances.                                                                                                      
Terrorist Partners
                      Published by Amazon/Kindle

   When a hardline cabal in Russia organises terrorist groups and criminal gangs to attack US assets in Britain and elsewhere, mayhem results. Including the use of 'suitcase' nuclear bombs.  Some clues could be on a smashed and damaged piece of a CD disc - if it can somehow be accessed. Top-ranking political double-dealing creates still more problems all round.  It takes all the resources of US and British Intelligence to crack the problems of where those nukes are hidden in the US and London.

   A second major problem is - the extent to which the Russian President was involved in the cabal.  Or did that operate entirely behind his back?