Science fiction


The 'Space Rebel' series        Young Adult Space Travel science fiction at its best

'First Encounter'      Published on    

          ISBN  Print. 978-1-4716-0228-3

                     Also in E-book format      

Book Cover    Jim Atkins and  Ali  Mukbar  (both 16 years)  are on a camping trip across part of the Yorkshire Dales.  

     They  find  an  unconscious  Princess  Clyra  Vergred  from  the  distant  Kharlor Interstellar Empire.   She is  fleeing  from  the  brutal  rebel  Leader, Jano of the House of Dagar, who plans to demand an impossible ransom for her from her father, the Emperor. 

     Ali and Jim, backed by Trigger, Jim's dog, some brilliant scientists and military, battle to keep her free.  But they are out-numbered and out-gunned by Jano's FTL Battle Cruiser right overhead. 

     If Earth's scientists can get a Hyper-space radio working to communicate with the Emperor though that would take a scientific break-through,  then just possibly he might get there in time.   But all that seems impossible. 





'Warriors of Kharlor'      Published on    

                 ISBN:  Print.  978-1-4467-6366-7

                             Also in E-book format

Book Cover

Ali and Jim are the first Solarians (known to Karlorians as 'Sol-3') to travel to Kharlor-Prime, the Capital Planet of the Kharlorian Empire. Thery are to train at the Space Academy to 'earn' the rank of 'Commander', awarded to them by the Emperor in recognition for saving the Princess Clyra, his daughter, from Jano Dagar, Leader of the Rebellion.  They find themselves battling against him again fiorst on a group of asteroids being diverted to smash into Kharlor and then as part of a 'Snatch Squad' to kidnasp the Leaders of the Rebellion.  Both of then need the attentions of the Medics.  Urgently.




'Operation Sintar'      Published on   

          ISBN Print.  978-1-4476-2960-3

                      Also in E-book format

         Book Cover     Jim  and  Ali  are tasked to be Close Protection for Princess Clyra on a Diplomatic Mission to the war-like Sintar System to sign Treaties where  not  everyone  joins their Leader in wanting to switch sides from the Dagar Confederation  to the Kharlorian Empire.

     They are soon not only battling Sintars, Jano Dagar (yet again) and mammoth flesh-eating crab-like aliens, but joining in a desperate life-saving mission as the Sintar sun is threatening to go nova.








'Earth Rescue'      Published on    

          ISBN: Print  978-1-4709-3016-5

                      E-book 978-1-291-0333-6   

Book Cover

     A  coded  call  for  help from Jim's father on Earth arrives at Kharlor. But the threat to Earth from Jano Dagar is even greater than they could ever have imagined.   Only by detective work do they discover Jano's real plan - the extinction of all life on Earth.  

     Combating  this  threat  takes  Jim and Ali to the Arctic, the African Rift Valley, the Antarctic, the Andes, into space and under the sea on The Ring of Fire.  But they have only the resources of Earth and  their  one  Kharlorian FTL Battle Cruiser  against  all the fire-power of the whole Squadron of Cruisers that Jano Dagar has brought up.





'Comet Impact'   Published on

            ISBN:  Print 978-1-291-68027-0

                        E-book 978-1-291-68661-6               

When Jim Atkins and Ali Mukbar are selected to go on a scientific expedition to the Extar System where Extar-2 is about to be hit by a comet, they expect an exciting but peaceful time.  But they encounter a Canergorm WarFlyer paid by the Dagar Confederation to conduct some scientific research on their behalf.  Then when Jano Dagar learns that Jim and Ali are there, the Canergorm's mission is changed.  It is now to eliminate the Kharlor expedition and  - more importantly - to eliminate Jim and Ali.  And the Canergorms are more warlike and vicious than the Dagars and even the Sintars!  Alien Life-Forms could be just as deadly too.







                     The Vanishing Walkers.

                     Published on Kindle/Amazon

 Beginning with the disappearance of a single Walker the Investigation soon sprals into a worldwide panic over the disappearence of all types of people.  Unparalled degrees of co-operation leaves scientists still baffled, particularly when research shows blue beams bounced off satellites figure in it.  The conclusion is that Aliens must be involved.  Then many of the 'Vanished' are returned - but they are carriers of a deadly plague.  Deputy Jason Phillips volunteers to go where there have been many Vanishings when his fiancee is Taken, suitably 'kitted up'.  He is Taken - but where he finds himself is baffling to himself and scientists of all kinds alike..






Missing.  Print Edition Published on

     ISBN: 978-1-326-29972-9 

 When people go Missing in increasing numbers across the world and then sent back as plague carriers,  no evidence can be found against any country to prove they are the culprits.  The question 'Is it Aliens?' is increasingly asked by a desperate world.  When FBI Special Agent Jason Phillips volunteers to walk an area where many have been Abducted from, to attempt to trace his fiancee who was one of those - and report back if possible - no one had expected a rescue would be possible.  His reports back changed everything.  But the question "WHY?" remains unanswered.