TV appearances

     During the Cruise and Soviet SS-20 missile crisis of the late 1970s-early 1980s  Eric Brady broadcast on radio, and took part in many public Debates on the issues, explaining the NATO position and strategy, as well as writing for Magazines and newspapers.   Periodicals such as Navy  International and The Army Quarterly  published his articles,  one of which he was told, was made 'Required Reading' at Sandhurst Military Academy.


     He has made five TV appearances, including 'The Week We Went to War' (BBC1 - September 2009)  and 'The Shooting War'   (BBC4  -  January 2010)  and 'The People Remember (BBC1 - November 2015) all of which included  elements  of  his  wartime experiences,  especially  the  bombing of Sandhurst Road school, Catford,  SE London  on 20th January 1943.

     He owes his life to his older sister Kitty, who shielded him from the falling masonry of the collapsing school.  (See 'Adolf Hitler, his Bombers - and me') 

      The programmes are repeated from time to time on the 'Yesterday' TV Channel.