Family Saga

The Jackson Story is of an ordinary London family caught up in Britain's wars from 1939 (outbreak of WW2) to 1962 (the Cuban Nuclear Missile Crisis), including those in Cyprus, Korea, Kenya, Malaya and Suez.   Family conflicts of divorce and personal bitternesses grow - but crises mean they need to be resolved before it is too late.

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  'When war came'    Published on Amazon/Kindle as an E-book.

       Partly based on Eric Brady's own wartime experiences of evacuation and bombing, the story of the Jackson  family  reveals  other aspects of wartime life, including the breakdown of family relationships under the extra pressures and the prevalent expectation of serious injury or death at any time.

      Evacuation for years when small children to complete strangers, problems of the return home and then the experiences of being bombed and injured affects everyone in the family

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'When one war ends ---'        Published on Amazon/Kindle

      This follows straight on from 'When war came' ends.

 The Jackson family splits with Ron Jackson and his daughter Kathleen (still seriously injured), move to Anne Carruthers (Ron's mistress) in

Folkestone, May (Ron's wife) remaining in London and starting an affair with Des Ackroyd.  Over years Ron's transport firm expands, forming an Air Charter Section.  But will their participation in the Berlin Airlift (1948-49) running the twin gauntlets of appalling weather and dangerous Soviet  fighter harrassment have disasterous consequences?

ORDER: When one War Ends.







'Is this Peace?    Published on Amazon/ Kindle.

     This follows on from 'When one war ends ---'

     Anne expands her chandlery business into acquiring a site for a riverside marina to sell and hire cruisers.  But the manager they appoint has his own plans that bring Ron and Anne to the brink of ruin. 

     Britain's other wars in Cyprus and Kenya bring their dangers, nearly killing Frank, and then the 1962 Cuban Nuclear Missile Crisis affects them all.

     When May is stricken by a paralysing stroke, can Kathleen find it in her to finally forgive her mother after all their years of enmity?

ORDER: Is this  Peace?







THE JACKSON STORY   - in 3 Parts                Print Editions published on 


When the bombs begin to fall                              Enemies and Allies                                          You call this 'Peace'?

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